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Best Auto Accident Chiropractor In Memphis, TN

Get immediate pain management care that will straighten your back. Don’t stay in pain after an accident. Our injury clinic in Memphis, Tennessee, will take care of you.

Welcome To Bluff City Injury Center

We offer proactive, quality healthcare in a safe and comfortable environment. At Bluff City Injury Center, your health is our number one priority, and we develop a pain management treatment to help you recover. In addition, we’re among the few in Memphis that have both a Medical Doctor and Nurse Practitioner on-site for your convenience.

We offer you all the attention and care you deserve to get you feeling healthy again.

MRIs After a Car Accident

At Bluff City, Our MRI tool is useful for detecting spinal injuries, brain trauma, and musculoskeletal injuries. It is essential to rule out any serious injuries after an accident. 

Magnetic resonance imaging, or an MRI scan, is a strong imaging diagnostic tool that is used to help detect severe injuries in accident victims. MRI scans provide different information than other imaging diagnostics. Also, an MRI avoids using radiation compared to other scans. 


We offer proactive, quality adjustments in a safe and comfortable environment. 


Get immediate pain management care that will straighten your back out swiftly. Don’t stay in pain after an accident. Our injury clinic in Memphis, Tennessee, will take care of you.


Our pain management plan is developed with you in mind. Easy and quick planning is designed between you & our Auto Accident Injury Doctor so you can get your days straightened out. 


Work through your recovery with our Auto Accident Recovery Services, Chiropractic Adjustments & Physical Rehabilitation Exercises. All of our treatment is non-invasive and tailored towards your auto accident recovery’s specific needs. Come to our Auto Accident Injury Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee.


At Bluff City Injury Center our staff is specifically trained to treat Car Accident Injuries in Memphis, Tennessee. Our auto accident doctor is always here to assist you with spinal injuries due to an auto accident or provide muscle spasm relief.

Don’t wait too long to treat your health. Starting your recovery to a healthy life is easier when you start with us.

What patients have said

“I have never met any medical professional like Dr. Justin. His wisdom and knowledge of the body and what it needs to heal, are unmatched.”

- Tyler M.

“Since I started going to Dr. Justin my back/hip pain has been relieved. I’ve had many adjustments and nothing compares to his. I have had bad back pain since my accident and finally getting relief!”

- Marcus C.

“OMG, best place ever to go for Chiropractic work, you guys I have never felt so relaxed going to get my back taken care of since my injury started.”

- Terry N.​